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  • Severe gastrointestinal dysmotility
  • Low body weight
  • Eye muscle weakness
  • Abnormal sense of feeling
  • Weakness in the arms and legs
  • Hearing loss
  • Loss of reflexes


My Angel

My angel is the one who looks over me
My angel is the who cares for me
My angel is the one who loves me
My angel has beautiful brown eyes
My angel has beautiful black hair
My angel will be there when I get hurt
My angel will be the one that is always on my mind
He is the angel that keeps me breathing
He is the angel of my dreams
He is the angel that keeps me alive
My angel will cheer me up when I’m sad
My angel will love me for me
He is my angel of my life

He is my God

Jessica Bousfield


Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy

          What was this disease that the doctors discovered Charnette living with? MNGIE....(Mitochondrial Neurogenic Gastrointestinal Encephalopathy). The infamous, yet rare disease, resulted in fewer than 100 confirmed laboratory cases.

          MNGIE disease has caused many of Charnette's organs to become paralyzed. Her Appendix, Gallbladder, Colon, and her Small Intestines have all been affected by this disease. Charnette has undergone many major surgeries, such as Open heart surgery, Total Colectomy, and partial removal of her Small Intestines. Charnette currently has a Jejunostomy tube, for feeding, a Gastrostomy tube for drainage, and a Power-Port that has been placed in her chest for TPN (Total Perenteral Nutrition). Charnette also has to receive frequent IV antibiotics, and Blood transfusions due to recurring blood infections, and low blood counts. Charnette's medical condition has often led to long hospital stays, and she has developed personal relationships with doctors, and staff, who have become her second family.

          THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE. However, recent treatment reveals the infusions of bloood cells are helpful with controlling the diease. Adjacent to the symtoms to the left, there is more to this unusual disease. Sounds like a great deal to handle, right? Just wait, there is more.....

          A major decison had to be made in 2003. She was faced with Open-heart surgery due to an infected internal organ. From April 2008 to September 2008, Charnette was only in her home 25 days approximately. Though any long hospital stays, she has now become the branch of another tree. Again, it was said that there is no known cure. Several options have been explored, including Intestinal Transplants. However, even that option puts Charnette at a higher risk than treating her condition. She has endured several consultations with many renowned surgeons in the field of Intestinal Transplantation. The doctors have all deemed the transplant surgery to be an even higher risk. Despite all odds, Charnette continues on with her fight to live.

          Nicknamed 'Little Soldier' by her friends, and family, Charnette is a brave soul who is determined to LIVE her life to the fullest. Through all of her medical challenges she still finds time during her frequent hospital stays to advocate for people with chronic illnesses, and to encourage others with words of strength, determination, and wisdom.